Welcome to

Church Hill Infant School

It gives me great pleasure to introduce you to our fantastic school. Although a visit in person would be the ideal way of getting a real and truer sense of our happy, friendly and caring school; I hope this website gives you a useful insight of what our school has to offer you and your child.

Our school is a community… a family of teachers, support staff, children and parents. We are committed to working together to ensure that all children enjoy all aspects of school life, and have a passion and desire to learn. Our curriculum is driven by rich and meaningful learning experiences so that we can ignite our pupil’s curiosity and inspire them to be ambitious, resilient and have a desire to learn from the world around them.

We are also committed to fully preparing our children for their future. Not just academically, but equipping children with the wider social, self-care and life-long skills needed to better cope with, and excel in, school and life.  All our highly experienced staff are passionate about education, which is demonstrated in our very high standards and commitment to providing the best possible learning opportunities for all of our children.

Another key factor in a child’s education, are parents! And you will see, by viewing this website, that parents are very important to us. We champion the link between school and home and work very hard to involve you in every step of your child’s time here…

I would therefore urge you to visit our wonderful school. I am truly confident you will find this a welcoming and supportive learning community, with staff who listen, consult and actively encourage your involvement. I know that you will be impressed by the quality of education we can offer and  look forward to working with you.

Mrs. Meera Bulsara
Head Teacher