Online Safety

At Church  Hill Infant School we understand the importance of technology in the modern world we live in. Many children can access the internet easily from smart phones and tablets and  there are many valuable resources and apps which can support your child’s learning.  We believe it is important to equip pupils with the necessary skills; preparing them for their digital futures. As a result internet safety plays an important part of learning at our school.

We would like to work with parents to ensure pupils use the internet safely.  This  video can be viewed with your child and is designed to help young children aged 4 – 7 to learn about keeping safe on-line.


Each year we participate in the national Safer Internet Day. To mark this occasion, the children at Church Hill Infant School enjoyed an assembly where they learnt about how to keep safe when using the internet through a character called ‘Smartie the Penguin’. We shared a story about Smartie and the children helped him to make sensible decisions when coming across problems whilst playing online. We also learnt a simple song to remind children of what to do when they come across a situation online that they are not sure of. The main message we give to children is if they do come across any problems online it is important to tell an adult! We are encouraging children to share their experiences online and if they come across anything that they are not sure about, then they must tell someone!

If you would like to share the Smartie the Penguin story with your child at home then it will be shared below. Another relevant story that highlights the issue of keeping safe online is called ‘Chicken Clicking’ which is a book that has been shared with the children at school which you may wish to share with your child at home. It is available at local libraries and book stores.

If you would like any more information on helping children to keep safe online and talking about it in a child friendly way, then here are some key websites to look at:

Smartie the Penguin for 5-7 Year Olds