EYFS New Starters

Welcome to Foundation Stage!

In Foundation Stage we aim to create a positive nurturing environment where our children can thrive and lay the foundations for a secure future. We plan and provide stimulating and exciting learning opportunities which in turn help our children to become enthusiastic learners who are keen to explore and develop. We believe that children should have the opportunity to learn through play and that it should be fun, engaging but also challenging. Outdoor learning is an important part of our provision as it allows the children to develop their thinking and problem solving skills alongside helping them to develop physically. The adults in our learning environment are skilled practitioners who provide high quality interactions and are role models for learning. Being the best we can be is at the heart of our ethos and we are committed to providing our children with the best possible to start to school life.

At Church Hill Infants we know how important it is for both you and your child that they have a smooth start to their school life and that they are well prepared for the adventures ahead.

Therefore we hope you and your child enjoy the video below which give you just a little flavour of our school!

Our transition process begins as soon as you are offered a place at our school. As parents you will get a welcome letter and an invite to our Parents Induction Evening; this is an evening just for parents where we share our vision for Foundation Stage¬† along with some key dates and information. We will then contact your child’s preschool or come and visit you at home in order to start to learn about your child and how we can support them as they make the transition to school.

You and your child will then be invited to take part in several stay and plays at school; some before and some after the summer holidays. This is a chance for your child to come into school and begin to get to know the environment they will be learning in along with information such as where the toilets are, where they will put their coat and where their drawer is. When you come for a stay and play at school you will also get a starting school social story which can be used at home during the summer to support your child’s transition into school.

Ava, Ayush and Jacob are starting school

In the months leading up to starting school it is really important that children are prepared personally, socially and emotionally to start school and there are some ways that parents can support in doing this. Please find just some of these in the leaflet below.

Ready For School Leaflet