At Church Hill Infant School we value the importance of history to develop in our children a sense of wonder about the past and their place in time. Children are encouraged to learn the correct vocabulary, sequence events within a time line, and explore events and famous people of the past.

Through a creative, theme based approach; we nurture and inspire our pupils to develop curiosity, inquiry and other skills that relate to being a young historian.

In our Foundation Stage history will be taught as part of ‘Understanding of the world’; children will be particularly focussing on understanding time and the sequence of events through routines of the school day/week and sharing significant events in their home life.

In Year 1 and 2 history is taught through topics in interesting, imaginative ways that will inspire learning. Creative topics provide opportunities for cross curricular links to other subjects including Maths, English and ICT. It may be taught on a weekly basis or, where appropriate, a block of lessons.

We go out on school visits related to topics and visitors in school form an important part of our history curriculum provision.

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