Our intention in Humanities is to encourage and assist all children to develop critical understanding of and respect for the environment and world in which they live, and a sense of time and awareness of change. Children begin to understand that what happens and has happened in the world has an impact on their own lives.

Most of the Humanities Curriculum is taught through cross-curricular topics that ensure coverage of the National Curriculum objectives with a particular focus on skills.  Oracy is a key focus within the Humanities curriculum, to develop Literacy skills across the curriculum and to establish pupils as eloquent and reflective historians/ geographers. Topics are reviewed on a yearly basis to ensure relevance for the current cohort, and to encourage reflective practise. There is no set formula for the humanities curriculum, and there is flexibility in the long term plan to reflect the needs and cultural capital of the pupils.

Through a creative, theme based approach; we nurture and inspire our pupils to develop curiosity, inquiry and other skills that relate to being a young historian. At Church Hill Infant School we value the importance of history to develop in our children a sense of wonder about the past and their place in time. Children are encouraged to learn the correct vocabulary, sequence events within a time line, and explore events and famous people of the past.

Key Skills Progression Humanities