Interacting with ICT workshop

9th May 2017

A big thank you to all the parents who attended the workshop today! We received lots of very positive feedback, and we are really pleased that it has been useful for so many parents.

For the list of useful websites to help parents with E-safety please see below.

For the list of apps and websites to support your child at home please see below.

Computing is becoming a key part of everyday life and it is a subject which creates great enthusiasm and curiosity. Often children feel that they are playing and exploring, but computing provides fantastic learning opportunities and supports the learning in many other subjects.

Computing does not only involve computers, but encompasses CD players, cameras, programmable toys, stopwatches, microwaves – the list goes on!

The children spend time developing a wide range of key skills and understanding how technology can help them in other learning and aspects of their life. They are taught about internet safety and follow the school rules to keep themselves safe.

Within each classroom there are a number of computers and an interactive board. We have recently installed four new Clever Touch boards which as well as being interactive offer children a vibrant display to watch videos, see photos and even edit their own work. Alongside this, we have the use of 32 small laptops which are loaded with fantastic software and resources and 10 IPads for which children have access to on a regular basis.

In Foundation Stage children are encouraged to use the computers and IPads and develop the early skills. They use computing in many other ways through music, role play and cooking. In Years 1 and 2 the children have discrete computing lessons each week in which they develop particular skills. They also have use of the computers, IPads and a wide variety of resources to support them in other learning throughout the week.

In today’s world, computing is a valuable tool – many jobs depend to some extent on technology of one sort or another. We aim to create children who are independent, resilient and capable of embracing and accepting new technology.

Useful Web Sites for Parents

Useful Apps