Maths is one of the key parts of the Primary Curriculum. At Church Hill Infants School we want all children to have the belief that they can succeed in Mathematics. Through our mastery approach we promote an ‘I can do it’ attitude to maths and if they are finding something difficult we teach them to say ‘I can’t do it yet’ and to keep trying until they overcome the challenge. At Church Hill Infants every child is capable of achieving and we ensure that we provide our students with a variety of methods to support their own learning styles. We ensure that all children have access to high quality manipulatives and the skills to independently select and use them. Breaking down larger mathematical concepts into small manageable steps helps our children to succeed. We teach them the importance of making mistakes and use slip ups and misconceptions to shape our teaching and the children’s learning. We believe that maths should be purposeful and meaningful and that our children learn best when they understand how learning links to real life. Therefore we ensure that mathematical reasoning and problem solving runs through all of our mastery lessons so the children of all ages and abilities are able to make those links.

Maths is a skill for life, and we are proud to be able to guide your children’s early development in this important area.

Our Maths Co-ordinator is Mr Mayhew.

How to help my child at home – Handouts

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