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Maths is one of the key parts of the Primary Curriculum. At Church Hill we aim to give the children a firm understanding of the basic mathematical skills, a solid foundation upon which they can build as they move on through their education. A good mathematical knowledge is an essential skill that remains important throughout your life.

At Church Hill we aim to deliver maths in as wide a variety of ways as possible, so as to make it accessible by all the children we teach. Every class in Key Stage 1 (Years 1 and 2) has a maths lesson every day, with opportunities to work across a wide range of mathematical skills, including calculations, number, shapes, measures and data handling.

The new National Curriculum is based around the concept of Mastery: the children are expected to have a firm understanding of all the areas of maths that are taught in each year. This is achieved by giving the children ample opportunity to practise their skills, overlearning and deepening their understanding until each concept is secure.

All of the different concepts in the maths curriculum are expected to be taught in context to help the children to better understand the significance of what they are learning. Some good examples of this could be teaching addition in the context of going shopping (adding together prices), learning about measures in a PE lesson (measuring how far a ball has been thrown) or investigating number bonds by finding different ways of sharing out 10 sweets between 2 friends.

The Foundation Stage provides a different model of teaching, with children being able to access a variety of mathematical activities throughout the day complimented by short, discrete maths sessions. These activities are often linked to a unifying topic that runs across the Base and influences the different areas of learning. Popular topics have included dinosaurs, traditional tales and sporting events.

We have a wide range of resources that all of the teachers can access to support the teaching of maths. We have moved away from worksheets as these can be very prescriptive and can hinder mathematical thinking and learning. It also encourages children to set out their work in books in their own way, as developing their ‘jotting’ skills is another important aspect of learning. We have recently invested in a resource called Numicon which is supporting children across the school to develop their number skills.

The school website carries links to lots of good web resources that you can use to support your children’s maths, and class teachers will, from time to time, put links on their pages with information about a current topic.

Maths is a skill for life, and we are proud to be able to guide your children’s early development in this important area.

Our Maths Co-ordinator is Mr Mayhew.

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