Religious Education & Collective Worship

At Church Hill Infant school we believe that RE is a valuable part of the school’s curriculum. We currently follow the guidelines set out in the Leicestershire Agreed RE Syllabus but are embarking on some collaborative work with colleagues from other schools to develop a curriculum that will be relevant to the age, abilities and backgrounds of our children.

We provide learning through whole school themes, religious elements in topic work and timetabled sessions.

We use a variety of teaching methods to deliver the RE curriculum such as storytelling, conversation and discussion, imaginative writing, drama and creative activities. We positively encourage visitors into school, and include visits to religious places such as the local church in Thurmaston.

We firmly believe that Religious Education allows children to learn about religious traditions and beliefs but it also allows them to reflect on what the religious ideas and concepts mean to them.

Children attend daily assemblies which are non-denominational and broadly Christian in nature. These include a daily act of worship.

We respect the right of parents to withdraw their children from assemblies or RE lessons. Should you wish to do so please contact the head teacher.